Driving Tomorrow

Bird's eye view of campus

“Our University will be more nimble, innovative, and integrative, and thereby better serve our students and state. We will advance our mission, enlarge our shared aspirations, and meet the challenges of a diverse and changing world.”

—Provost Karen Hanson

To be preeminent in solving the grand challenges of a diverse and changing world


Faculty are invited to participate in a new set of research opportunities focused on critical challenges facing Minnesota and the world. Phase 3 of the Provost’s Grand Challenge Research Initiative includes i) a competitive call for proposals from interdisciplinary teams and ii) a new non-competitive credit-bearing seminar series for graduate and professional students. This phase of opportunities launches in tandem with the Grand Challenges Expo Inspiring Ideas, Creating Change (April 18, Coffman Memorial Union).

Many of the most pressing issues in society, from equitable access to health care to sustainable land use, are also the most complex. University researchers are increasingly coming together across disciplines to combine their areas of expertise and take a more comprehensive approach to solving these issues. The UMN's Grand Challenges Research Initiative aims to enhance this type of interdisciplinary research.