Driving Tomorrow

Bird's eye view of campus

“Our University will be more nimble, innovative, and integrative, and thereby better serve our students and state. We will advance our mission, enlarge our shared aspirations, and meet the challenges of a diverse and changing world.”

—Provost Karen Hanson

To be preeminent in solving the grand challenges of a diverse and changing world


The University is poised to soon announce a variety of research collaborations in which it will invest to expand high-potential work addressing the critical challenges of Minnesota and the world. The investments, to be made by Provost Hanson with guidance from deans and faculty, are one milestone in the ongoing implementation of the Driving Tomorrow.

TC faculty are invited to submit proposals by June 15, 2016, for Grand Challenges Exploratory Research Grants of up to $60,000. The grants, built on the campuswide GC Research process of the past year, are part of a two-track initiative--along with Interdisciplinary Research Work Groups--to advance strategic research goals for the campus. Guidelines and FAQs have been posted.