Driving Tomorrow

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“Our University will be more nimble, innovative, and integrative, and thereby better serve our students and state. We will advance our mission, enlarge our shared aspirations, and meet the challenges of a diverse and changing world.”

—Provost Karen Hanson

To be preeminent in solving the grand challenges of a diverse and changing world


The second batch of Grand Challenges Research awards have been announced by Executive Vice President and Provost Karen Hanson. This second phase, which focuses on two of the University's five Grand Challenges focus areas, allocates $2.96 million over two years to support six interdisciplinary team projects--engaging more than 120 faculty and external partners--and two six-member, one-year Grand Challenges Research Scholar Collaboratives.

Faculty are invited to participate in a new set of research opportunities for 2017 aimed at addressing critical challenges of Minnesota and the world. The second phase of the Provost’s Grand Challenge Research Initiative, launching in January 2017, includes both a competitive call for proposals from interdisciplinary teams (pre-proposals due March 20) and a call for nominations for participation in a Grand Challenges Research Scholar collaborative for an extended period of interdisciplinary engagement (due March 1).