Driving Tomorrow

Bird's eye view of campus

“Our University will be more nimble, innovative, and integrative, and thereby better serve our students and state. We will advance our mission, enlarge our shared aspirations, and meet the challenges of a diverse and changing world.”

—Provost Karen Hanson

To be preeminent in solving the grand challenges of a diverse and changing world


TC faculty are invited to submit proposals for Grand Challenges Exploratory Research Grants—complementing Interdisciplinary Research Work Groups announced by Provost Hanson in an email about opportunities and next steps advancing strategic research goals for the campus.

You are aware of the campus-wide process that identified a set of five interrelated Grand Challenges where we are well positioned to have major impact as a research campus. These areas capture exceptional strengths that build directly on the expertise of our faculty. We now look to continued faculty leadership in shaping University investments that will advance the transformational research goals of our Strategic Plan.