Strategic Planning Issue Teams

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

UMTC Panorama

The strategic planning work group has convened five campuswide teams to develop recommendations that will drive the strategic plan for the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities.

The teams comprise nearly 150 faculty, staff, and students drawn broadly from across the University, selected from more than 500 nominations.

Their work will “build out” the strategic planning vision and goals developed by the work group and shared by Provost Hanson with the Board of Regents in April (view video or download Powerpoint summary).

Updates on the work of the teams, and opportunities for campuswide engagement and feedback, will be shared over the spring and summer.

See complete list of issue team members >

The strategic planning issue teams are:

Grand Challenges Curriculum

  • What does it take for the University to build a curriculum focusing on solving society's grand challenges?

Team cochairs: 
Renee Cheng, Professor & Head, School of Architecture
Carissa Schively Slotterback, Associate Professor, Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Grand Challenges Research

  • How does the University apply its research toward solving grand societal challenges?

Team cochairs: 
Reuben Harris, Professor, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, & Biophysics
Joe Konstan, Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
Al Levine, Liaison for Special Initiatives, Provost's Office; Professor, Food Science and Nutrition

Reject Complacency

  • How does the University change the culture in ways that support excellence and, with intention, reject complacency? 

Team cochairs: 
Jakub Tolar, Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Chris Uggen, Professor, Sociology

Reciprocal Engagement

  • How does the University better leverage its location and establish a culture of reciprocal engagement for the mutual benefit of the University and the community? 

Team cochairs:
Liz Lightfoot, Professor, Social Work
Catherine Squires, Associate Professor, Communication Studies
Amelious Whyte, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Field-Changing Researchers and Teachers

  • How do we go about aggressively recruiting and retaining field-changing teachers and researchers? How does transdisciplinarity shape our institutional planning in the arena of faculty responsibilities? 

Team cochairs: 
William Durfee, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Tim Kehoe, Professor, Economics