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Issue Teams

Faculty, students, and staff will collaborate to advance the vision and goals of the strategic plan through five 25-30-member issue teams, drawn broadly from across the campus. 

Members of Strategic Planning Issue Teams

Grand Challenges Research
How does the University apply its research toward solving grand societal challenges?

Bruce Blazar, Director, Clinical Translational Science Institute; Regents Professor, Pediatrics
Varadarajan Chari, Professor, Economics
Michael Cherlin, Professor, Theory & Composition, Music
Larry Edwards, Professor, Earth Sciences
Tom Fisher, Dean, College of Design
Gunda Georg, Professor and Director, Institute for Therapeutic Discovery & Development
Steve Gillard, Program Director, Office of Budget Planning & Analysis
*Reuben Harris, Professor, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, & Biophysics
Christy Haynes, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Bin He, Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Director, Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Kristine Igo, Associate Program Director, Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives (Food Science and Nutrition)
Nicholas Kelley, Research Associate, Center for Infectious Diseases
Kurt Kipfmueller, Associate Professor, Geography
*Joe Konstan, Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
Aimee Lace, Student, Psychology and Global Studies
*Al Levine, Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs; Professor, Food Science and Nutrition
Hinh Ly, Associate Professor, Veterinary Biosciences
Marvin Marshak, Professor, Physics; Director, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
Kieran McNulty, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Katey Pelican, Assistant Professor, Veterinary Population Medicine
Abel Ponce de Leon, Professor, Animal Science
Fotis Sotiropoulos, Professor, Civil Engineering; Director, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory
Marilyn Speedie, Dean, College of Pharmacy
Catherine St. Hill, Research Coordinator, Experimental & Clinical Pharmacology
David Tilman, Regents Professor, Ecology, Evolution & Behavior; Program Director, Cedar Creek Ecosystems Science Reserve
Hilary Whitham, Graduate Student; Research Assistant, Epidemiology
Caroline Wilmot, Professor, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, & Biophysics
David Zarkower, Professor, Genetics, Cell Biology & Development

Grand Challenges Curriculum
What does it take for the University to build a curriculum focusing on solving society's grand challenges?

Pamela Baker, Associate Director, University Honors Program
Dennis Becker, Associate Professor, Department of Forest Resources
Jeff Bender, Professor & Program Director, Veterinary Medical Center
*Renee Cheng, Professor & Head, School of Architecture
Norm Chervany, Professor, Information & Decision Sciences
Bud Duvall, Interim Dean, CLA; Professor, Political Science
Tina Falkner, Director, Continuity and Compliance
Jonathan Gewirtz, Associate Professor, Psychology
Tim Griffin, Associate Professor, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics
Kathy Hansen, Professor, Journalism & Mass Communication
Paul Imbertson, Teaching professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Alexandra Klass, Professor, Law
Sally Kohlstedt, Acting Vice Provost/Dean, Graduate Education; Professor, History of Science & Technology
David Levinson, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
Ann Masten, Professor, Institute of Child Development
Robert K. McMaster, Vice Provost/Dean, Undergraduate Education; Professor, Geography
Neil Olszewski, Professor, Plant Biology
Kathryn Pearson, Associate Professor, Political Science
Spencer Peck, Grad Student, Urban Planning & Law
Dan Philippon, Associate Professor, English
Shri Ramaswamy, Professor and Head, Bioproducts/Biosystems Engineering
Matthew Ramirez, Student, Chemistry/Art History
Cheryl Robertson, Associate Professor, Nursing
Fred Rose, Director, Acara Program
J.B. Shank, Associate Professor, History
*Carissa Schively Slotterback, Associate Professor, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Hannah Specht, Graduate Student, Conservation Biology
Joelle Stangler, President-elect of Minnesota Student Association
Valerie Tiberius, Professor, Philosophy
Elizabeth Wattenberg, Associate Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
Mike White, Professor and Head, Animal Science

Reject Complacency
How does the University change the culture in ways that support excellence and, with intention, reject complacency?

Brian Aukema, McKnight Professor, Entomology
Kenneth Baker, Building and Grounds Worker
Barbara Bezat, Archivist, University Libraries
Connie Buechele, Director, Information Technology Carlson School of Management
Mike Conzemius, Professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences
David Ernst, Information Technology College of Education and Human Development
Ann Hagen, Assistant Program Director, Diagnostic & Biological Sciences
Holly Harrington, CLA Student Board President
Emily Hoover, Professor and Head, Horticultural Science
Cherrene Horazuk, Aide to Dean, Humphrey School of Public Affairs; President of AFSCME Local 3800
Bill Iacono, Regents Professor, Psychology
Jay Kiedrowski, Senior Fellow, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Sally Kohlstedt, Acting Dean, Graduate School; Professor, History of Science Technology
Alexis Kuhr, Associate Professor, Art
Becky Malkerson, Executive Vice President, Development, University of Minnesota Foundation
Alon McCormick, Professor, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Trevor Miller, Director, External Relations, College of Design
Ryan Olson, Student Senate Consultative Committee member
Mark Osborn, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Ferd Schlapper, Director, Boynton Health Service
Yoji Shimizu, Director, Medical School Administration, Lab Medicine and Pathology
*Jakub Tolar, Professor, Pediatrics
*Christopher Uggen, Professor, Sociology
Connie Wanberg, Professor, Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies
Pam Wheelock, Vice President, University Services

Reciprocal Engagement
How does the University better leverage its location and establish a culture of reciprocal engagement for the mutual benefit of the University and the community?

Femi Akinnagbe, Medical Student
Neil Anderson, Program Director, Extension
Leon Assael, Dean and Professor, Dentistry
Tanya Bailey, Ph.D. Student, Social Work; Program Specialist, Minnesota Arboretum
Heidi Barajas, Executive Director, Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center; Associate Professor, Post-secondary Teaching and Learning
Sue Borowick, Director of Professional Development and Learning Life Programs
Sonya Brady, Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Carol Cardona, Professor, Veterinary Biosciences
Nancy Cook, Professor, Law School
Jigna Desai, Chair, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
Andrew Furco, Associate Vice Provost for Public Engagement
Ed Goetz, Professor and Director, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs
Laurel Hirt, Coordinator, Community Service Learning Center
Lee Johnston, Professor and Director, West Central Research & Outreach Center
Matthew Kaul, Lecturer, Carlson School of Management
Morgan Kinross-Wright, Executive Director, Institutional Advancement, Carlson School of Management
Sarah Klyman, Student, College of Continuing Education
Sonja Kuftinec, Professor, Theatre Arts & Dance
Leo Lewis, Associate Department Director, Intercollegiate Athletics
*Liz Lightfoot, Professor, Social Work
Stuart McLean, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Meredith McQuaid, Associate Vice President and Dean, Global Programs and Strategy Alliance
Bill O'Neill, Associate District Director, Facilities Management
Yuichiro Onishi, Associate Professor, African American and African Studies
*Catherine Squires, Associate Professor, Communication Studies
Erik Thurman, Vice President of Development, Corporate and Foundation Relations & Principal Gifts, University of Minnesota Foundation
Susan Weller, Director, Bell Museum and Planetarium; Professor, Entomology
*Amelious Whyte, Senior Associate Vice Provost, Office of Student Affairs
Susan Wick, Professor, Plant Biology
May Yang, Student, Communication Studies
Marlene Zuk, Professor, Ecology, Evolution & Behavior

Recruit/Retain Field-Shapers
How do we go about aggressively recruiting and retaining field-changing faculty and researchers? How does transdisciplinarity shape our institutional planning in the arena of faculty responsibilities?

David Bernlohr, Professor and Head, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics
Ran Blekhman, Assistant Professor, Genetics, Cell Biology & Development
Elizabeth Bye, Professor and Head, Design, Housing & Apparel
Arlene Carney, Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs; Professor, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Cesare Casarino, Professor and Chair, Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature
Christopher Dovolis, Teaching specialist, Computer Science & Engineering
*William Durfee, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Kris Fowler, Math Librarian and Strategic Lead, Interdisciplinary Research Initiative
Rhonda Franklin, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ole Gram, Assistant Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs
Megan Gunnar, Regents Professor, Institute for Child Development
Alok Gupta, Professor and Chair, Information & Decision Sciences
Sarah Hobbie, Professor, Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
Mary Jo Kane, Professor, Kinesiology
*Tim Kehoe, Professor, Economics
Linda Kinkel, Professor, Plant Pathology
Kevin Lang, Veterinary Medicine Student
Al Levine, Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs; Professor, Food Science & Nutrition
Rachel Levine, Graduate Student & DDF recipient, Chemical Engineering
Monica Luciana, Professor and Chair, Psychology
Jason McGrath, Associate Professor, Asian Languages & Literature
Tom Molitor, Professor and Chair, Veterinary Population Medicine
David Rothenberger, Jay Phillips Professor & Chair, Department of Surgery
Akshya Saxena, Graduate Student & DDF recipient, Comparative Literature
Nathan Springer, Professor, Plant Biology
William Tolman, Professor and Chair, Chemistry
Joan Tronto, Professor and Chair, Political Science
Colin Wendt, Student, Spanish & Physiology, Talle Scholar

 *denotes team cochair