Grand Challenges Interdisciplinary Research Work Groups

Interdisciplinary faculty work groups were launched in spring 2016 in the five Grand Challenges areas of special focus: feeding the world sustainably; advancing health through tailored solutions; fostering just and equitable communities; enhancing individual and community capacity for a changing world; and ensuring clean water and sustainable ecosystems.

These work groups build on the extensive faculty-driven Call for Ideas process that shaped the slate of Grand Challenges. The groups will be “convening bases” for developing multiple high-potential collaborations in GC areas. This work will complement collaborations launched through a broader program of Grand Challenges Exploratory Research Grants. Provost Hanson announced these initiatives in early April 2016.  

Feeding the World Sustainably
Tracey Deutsch, History, CLA
Jayne Fulkerson, Children and Family Health, Nursing
Craig Hedberg, Environmental Health Sciences, SPH
Nicholas Jordan, Agronomy and Plant Genetics, CFANS
Philip Pardey, Applied Economics, CFANS
Daniel Philippon, English Language and Literature, CLA
Tonya Schoenfuss, Food Science and Nutrition, CFANS
Gerald Shurson, Animal Science, CFANS
Nathan Springer, Plant Biology, CBS
David Tilman, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, CBS
Montse Torremorell, Veterinary Population Medicine, Vet Med

Advancing Health through Tailored Solutions
Gerry August, Family Social Science, CEHD
Marilyn Bruin, Design, Housing, and Apparel, CDes
Michael Conzemius, Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Vet Med
Ellen Demerath, Epidemiology and Community Health, SPH
Jigna Desai, Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, CLA
Joseph Gaugler, Adult Gerontology Health, Nursing
Christy Haynes, Chemistry, CSE
Bin He, Biomedical Engineering, CSE
Pamala Jacobson, Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacy
Dan Knights, Computer Science and Engineering, CSE; Biotechnology Institute, CBS
Alex Rothman, Psychology, CLA
KK Sinha, Supply Chains and Operations, CSOM
Paula Termuhlen, Surgery, Med School and Duluth
Jakub Tolar, Pediatrics, Med School
Susan Wolf, Law, Medicine & Public Policy, Law

Fostering Just and Equitable Communities
Ragui Assaad, Global Policy, HHH
Ananya Chatterjea, Theater Arts and Dance, CLA
Yingling Fan, Transportation Studies, HHH
Paul Glewwe, Applied Economics, CFANS
Rhonda Jones-Webb, Epidemiology and Community Health, SPH
Kristine Miller, Landscape Architecture, CDes
Richa Nagar, Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, CLA
Kolawole Okuyemi, Family Medicine and Community Health, Med School
Myron Orfield, Law School Academic Programs, Law
Cheryl Robertson, Population Health and Systems, Nursing
Roozbeh Shirazi, Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development, CEHD
Chris Uggen, Sociology, CLA

Enhancing Individual and Community Capacity 
for a Changing World
Akosua Addo, Music Education, CLA
Saif Benjaafar, Industrial and Systems Engineering, CSE
Sairaj Dhople, Electrical and Computer Engineering, CSE
Richard Graves, Architecture, CDes
Megan Gunnar, Child Development, CEHD
Rich Lee, Psychology, CLA
Elton Mykerezi, Applied Economics, CFANS
Olihe Okoro, Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacy
Hari Osofski, Law School Academic Programs, Law
Kathy Quick, Leadership and Management, HHH
Sheila Riggs, Dental Public Health, Dentistry
Tetyana Shippee, Health Policy and Management, SPH
Joanne Slavin, Food Science and Nutrition, CFANS
Aaron Sojourner, Work and Organizations, CSOM

Assuring Clean Water and Sustainable Ecosystems
Christine Baeumler, Art, CLA
Jacques Finlay, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, CBS
Michael Goldman, Sociology, CLA
Mark Herzberg, Diagnostic and Biological Sciences, Dentistry
Brad Karkkainen, Law School Academic Programs, Law
David Mulla, Soil and Water Resources, CFANS
Katey Pelican, Veterinary Population Medicine, Vet Med
Jeffrey Peterson, Water Resources Center, CFANS
Anu Ramaswami, Science, Technology, and Public Policy, HHH; Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, CSE
Larry Wackett, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics, CBS